NOURISH: Sally F. St. John on Eating for Hormonal Health (Ep. 7)

MoonWise show

Summary: "I think it's really important when we're talking about being a whole person that we're talking about the relationships that we're forming. Who are we connected to?" - Sally F. St John In this episode, we speak with holistic health counselor and researcher Sally F. St. John about nutrition for hormonal health and her unique philosophy of healing, developed over years of coaching women back to wholeness. When Sally uses the word whole, she's describing a blend of "mind, body, spirit and community" that all work together for true health. She believes that getting back to our emotions and spirit being is the first step for bringing the body back to balance, followed by lifestyle and dietary changes. We talk about the importance of gut health, which foods to eat during the four phases of your monthly cycle and key things to know about probiotics and prebiotics.  We also talk about: Historical trauma and patriarchy's influence on women's health / Why it's ok not to be on a 28 day monthly cycle / The role of compassion in healing / Reframing our relationship to healthy fats / Why community is key for holistic wellbeing