EP 3: Fattoush and Mira Nair's Chai

Cooking By Ear show

Summary: Director Mira Nair (Monsoon Wedding, Mississippi Masala, Queen of Katwe) teaches us her signature chai and makes fattoush while discussing everything from quelling anxiety to the partition between India and Pakistan.<br><br>Cook along as you listen:<br><br>FATTOUSH INGREDIENTS:<br><br>-1 smallish tomato<br><br>-1 small clove garlic<br><br>-Salt and pepper<br><br>-Juice of half a lemon<br><br>-1teaspoon red wine vinegar<br><br>-3 tablespoons nice olive oil<br><br>-1/2 cup parsley leaves <br><br>-1/2 cup mint leaves<br><br>-5 scallions, roots trimmed off<br><br>-1 basket cherry tomatoes<br><br>-1 large cucumber<br><br>-1 small bell pepper or 8-10 shishito peppers<br><br>-arugula / purslane / or other salad greens <br><br>-sumac (for pretty red color, lemony flavor and, it's not poisonous)<br><br>-3 or 4 whole wheat pita breads<br><br><br><br>CHAI INGREDIENTS:<br><br>-whole milk (about 2 cups)<br><br>-fresh ginger stalk (an inch or more)<br><br>-5 cardamom pods<br><br>-loose leaf black tea (make sure you have a sieve to strain), or a couple-three tea bags<br><br>-water!<br><br>Tools:<br>salad spinner (for washing and drying greens and herbs)<br>cutting board<br>knife<br>vegetable peeler <br>cheese grater with big holes<br>small bowl for dressing<br>big bowl for salad<br>spoon