Ep. 32: Leroy Garrett

Challenge Mania show

Summary: <p>Derrick Kosinski &amp; Scott Yager are joined by Leroy Garrett.</p><br> <p>Leroy Garrett (@Bruce_Lee85) has always been a fan favorite on #TheChallenge, even though his closest ally is the extremely polarizing Johnny Bananas.</p><br> <p>Leroy has garnered the support of viewers by playing a straight up game, remaining loyal, up front, honest and rarely, if ever, getting his hands dirty.</p><br> <p>Derrick (@DerrickMTV) &amp; Scott (@SHOTOFYAGER) chat with Leroy on the heels of perhaps his most heated episode, not only of this season of #TheChallengeVendettas, but quite possibly in his entire Challenge career. After being thrown into elimination, Leroy beat Brad to become the last member of the 8-person final, which begins next week. </p><br> <p>Leroy talks about Tony Raines' "front-stabbing" ways all season and in this last episode, what it was like sharing the After Show stage with Laurel and how he feels about her, who HE would have put in if the roles were reversed; Kam or Cara, which castmember needs his back shaved the most often and of course, he answers a bunch of YOUR QUESTIONS!</p><br> <p>This is one of our best episodes ever and it has it all, laughs, history, intensity, STEW and much more!</p><br> <p>Follow the guys on twitter and let us know who YOU want to hear next! #ChallengeAccepted</p><br> <p>Check out our SHOP at <a href="http://www.ChallengeMania.Shop">www.ChallengeMania.Shop</a></p><br> <p>To hear our BONUS SHOWS including Vendettas recap episodes, head over to our Patreon at <a href="http://www.ChallengeManiaPodcast.com">www.ChallengeManiaPodcast.com</a></p><br> <p>If you live in the New York area, head over to <a href="http://www.ChallengeMania.Live">www.ChallengeMania.Live</a> for tickets and info on our first ever CHALLENGE MANIA LIVE from Carolines on Broadway in New York City on June 2nd! </p><br> <p> </p>