Ep. 34: Nicole Zanatta

Challenge Mania show

Summary: <p>Derrick Kosinski &amp; Scott Yager are joined by Nicole Zanatta.</p><br> <p>There is no telling what would have happened if Nicole (@N_ZanattaMTV) didn't injure her ankle in the first leg of #TheChallengeVendettas final on Tuesday, eliminating her from the competition and removing her chances of her first victory.</p><br> <p>We don't know yet who wins the whole thing, but we know it isn't her. That being said, Nicole has made the final in her two #Challenge appearances thus far, has been involved in a showmance or two and is far from tight-lipped when it comes to her feelings on other competitors. In other words, she is the perfect podcast guest.</p><br> <p>Nicole joins Derrick (@DerrickMTV) and Scott (@SHOTOFYAGER) for a talk about her past performances on the show, her untimely exit, her career as a firefighter and her former career as a police officer, Tony Time, Laurel, Cara Maria, her dating life and much more!<br><br></p><br> <p>Follow the guys on twitter on let us know who YOU want to hear on the show next! #ChallengeAccepted</p><br> <p>If you want MORE #ChallengeMania content, bonus episodes go up on the Patreon site at <a href="http://www.Patreon.com/ChallengeMania">www.Patreon.com/ChallengeMania</a> including episode commentaries and much more!</p><br> <p>The <a href="http://www.ChallengeMania.Shop">www.ChallengeMania.Shop</a> is OPEN and you can now get MARK LONG GEAR! </p>