Episode #10 - Dave Michener

Mocha Latte show

Summary: Dave Michener is the executive pastor at Bridgeway Community Church where Dave and I also do ministry. "Pastor Mich" has an inspiring and mostly, in my opinion, faith-led and brave, story. It's a story of uprooting his family to leave Ohio to move to Maryland to be a youth pastor with no Salary! It was his relationship with Dr. David Anderson and his eagerness to be a part of a diverse body of people that directed his path here. It is that same eagerness and pastoral heart that Mich possesses that has led to his relationship with Dave and me where we are hand in hand in ministry. As you'll be able to tell from this episode, Mich just exudes wisdom and life experiences that teach without him "teaching." This is our landmark episode number 10! 00:10 - 83 North 02:40 - Guinness 09:03 - Weird Al Seattle 16:10 - Mich’s Eggs 23:20 - Question Time 35:11 - Mich Almost Dying 43:45 - Balding 53:53 - Mich’s Defining Moment