EP 2: Tommy Pico's Morning After Frittata

Cooking By Ear show

Summary: 2018 Whiting Award-winning poet Tommy Pico author of IRL, Nature Poem and Junk (forthcoming in 2018) cracks an egg for the first time in his life (!!!) to make a frittata perfect for “the morning after.” We discuss everything from hookups to the role of food in control on the Viejas Reservation he grew up on.<br><br>COOK ALONG AS YOU LISTEN. YOU'LL NEED:<br>Ingredients:<br><br>1 big bunch of chard <br><br>Cooking oil, olive or vegetable <br><br>Salt<br><br>2-3 cups of leftover spaghetti (preferably with some remnants of red sauce) <br><br>6 eggs<br><br>Ground black pepper<br><br>1/2 cup of grated Parmesan cheese<br><br>TOOLS:<br><br>Big bowl to wash chard in (and a colander to drain it)<br><br>Cast iron skillet or another non-stick skillet<br><br>Whisk<br><br>Large plate (large enough to serve as a cover for your pan)<br><br>Cheese grater<br><br>Medium mixing bowl<br><br>Wooden spoon or spatula<br><br>Tongs