CHP005: How to Choose Between Online Learning Options

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Summary: <p></p> <div> <p>How to Choose Between Online Learning Options. Is a coding bootcamp, university degree, or online course the right option for you?</p> <p>Listen and subscribe on <a href="">iTunes</a> | <a href="">Stitcher</a> | <a href="">Google Play</a> | <a href="">PlayerFM</a>| <a href="">iHeart Radio</a></p> <div>Please subscribe, rate, and review the Career Hacking Podcast.</div> </div> <div></div> <p>In today's episode, we're going to talk through a topic that we cover quite a bit in one-on-one coaching sessions on WehnerEd- how to choose between online learning options; a four-year software degree, a coding boot camp, some of the online courses that are available such as Udemy, Udacity, Lynda, EdX, Treehouse, and others or even doing a self-taught class (YouTube videos, books or other resources on the internet). What are the pros and cons of some of those options and how do you determine which of those opportunities is the right direction for you to pursue your education.</p> <p>A benefit of learning to code through either four-year institution or through a boot camp are that those organizations generally provide career support as well. So that can be relationships that they maintain with companies that can hire you directly after completing the curriculum or even preparation for updating a resume or ahead of a technical interview.</p> <p>In many cases, a boot camp online learning option is going to best prepare you for a job in the real world. Boot camps not only have the lecture and homework side of things, but they have relevant projects that are based on industry examples. That are created specifically so that you run into roadblocks. Those options require the most time commitment. They’re generally full time. if you want to go to a four-year institution, if you want to a boot camp that's going to be your day job and you're having to pay for the privilege and so that may be accessible for a lot of folks out there.</p> <p>But a boot camp is certainly the fastest way to get you in that direction.</p> <p>On the other side you have online courses. Those are far more affordableonline learning options. They lack some of the same structure and some of the same accountability. But they do generally have good solid assignments, they have projects that are relevant and help you intentionally run into challenges that will help you become more resourceful and become a better programmer. They have less instructor support and so as you get stuck you may spend a lot more time on forums, reaching out to folks on the web to try to help you get past a roadblock that you're facing. But again that's good for you. That’s something that you'll face when you are programming full time and so it's worthwhile in my opinion to do those things during the learning process.</p>