Unpacking Finance-First and Impact-First Strategies: A Close Look at Ceniarth's Investment Strategies | September 6, 2017

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Summary: The conversation on the trade-off between financial returns and impact seems tired as much as it remains underexplored. How do some in the Transform Finance community think through it? In this webinar, Greg Neichin of Ceniarth joins the Transform Finance Investor Network to explore their approach to the risk/return/impact continuum. Greg reviews the strategies ranging from responsible asset management to impact-driven capital preservation and programmatic investing. Aner Ben Ami of Candide Group provides a context for this approach vis a vis that of other family offices and impact investors. [These "podcasts" are the direct audio recordings of TFIN Webinars. As the original format was a video webinar, please excuse any brief technical difficulties and note that presenters may refer to slides. To watch the TFIN webinar recordings with their corresponding slide decks, please visit http://transformfinance.org/investor-resources/.]