Gate City Chatter Ep. 1 Introducing Gate City Chatter!

Gate City Chatter show

Summary: On our first episode, we make our introductions and talk about the goals of Gate City Chatter. We discuss the role that local government plays in bringing exciting cultural experiences to Greensboro, and we talk about about some of the events that really excite us. Gate City Chatter is a weekly podcast that aims to be informative, engaging, and interactive. We upload new episodes on Mondays. Subscribe now and never miss out! Gate City Chatter relies on community feedback, so leave your thoughts in the form of a review on whatever podcast platform you use. You can also reach by email at Follow @GCChatter on Twitter and Instagram for daily updates on all of the cultural happenings in Greensboro, NC! As always, feel free to visit The Greensboro Cultural Center located at: 200 N. Davie Street Greensboro, NC 27401