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Summary: <br> Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Started With PR<br> Want to know how to get started with PR from an expert? In this episode of Enlightened Entrepreneur Podcast, former journalist turned PR expert reveals the basic do’s and don’ts of Public Relations. Alison considers herself as an excellent storyteller who specializes in media training and crisis communication.<br> KEY QUESTIONS ASKED:<br> <br> Who is Alison?<br> What criteria does she use to identify the people to work with?<br> How does Alison market her business in such a noisy environment?<br> What are the misconceptions around PR?<br> What issues with crisis plan do business owners need to know about?<br> What are some of the biggest mistakes Alison sees when it comes to PR?<br> If somebody is looking to get started with PR, what necessary skills or the very first thing they need to do?<br> Why is it so important to get started small?<br> What is the perfect mindset a business owner should have about PR?<br> For business owners who are looking to employ the service of a PR agency, what criteria should they use in identifying who to go with?<br> What are Alison’s thoughts about giving to the community?<br> <br> HIGHLIGHTS OF LESSONS LEARNED:<br>  <br> Criteria for People to Work With<br> <br> Find somebody that you can relate to that you admire<br> If you can help somebody avoid doing the mistakes you’ve committed and give them some guidance, it will make you feel good knowing you’re helping someone.<br> <br> Marketing Business in Today’s World<br> <br> Alison never advertise and rarely go to networking events. <br> <br> <br> What she does is she writes a lot of content, video blogs and speak in a lot of conferences. <br> Alison provides as much value and information to people looking for help in PR by putting articles out, doing video blogs and putting it out on Linkedin and other social media such as Facebook. <br> By putting information out, people see her as an expert. Providing value is an effective way to get business.<br> <br> PR Misconceptions<br> <br> A lot of times people say any press is good press. Yes you want press, but you never want negative press. It’s really hard to control the message the media will send out.<br> Another misconception is that people think that a public relations expert can control what the media says. When PR experts work with reporters, they can’t give them questions, they can’t tell them how to write the story. What they could do is guide the reporters in the way they want the story to come out.<br> <br> Crisis Plan<br> <br> Everybody should have a crisis plan, especially now with social media, if you have a negative review, you need to know how to respond to it: what to do and what not to do. <br> If you have a crisis plan in the beginning of your business, you won’t be reacting but you are in control of the whole thing and your team will know exactly what needs to happen<br> <br> Biggest PR Mistakes<br> <br> One of the things is that a lot of business owners don’t understand is the timeliness of the media. <br> A lot of times, it’s not all about them it’s not all about the company they’re just going to be a part of a story and so while the media may be here for 20 minutes they may only use 10 seconds of your interview, and that’s okay whats more important isthat you are a part of the story. When you establish yourself as an expert the media will call you time and time again about the industry. The media really wants to tel a story they don’t want to advertise you and talk all about you.<br> <br> Starting Out With PR<br> <br> Start small and start establishing relationships with local journalists. Follow them on social media, start sharing their stories and content and email them. Start forming relationships with the local press and follow news trends in your industry. <br> <br> <br> Start small,