FCV101 How to Talk to Kids About Anything, Dr. Robyn Silverman

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Summary: At times, every child feels worried, confused, or scared. In those moments, kids need safe adults to talk to. When your child comes to you, out of the blue, with a burning question, or when your family is faced with a sensitive situation that requires your bringing kids into the loop, how do you do it effectively? Psychologist Dr. Robyn Silverman, author of "Good Girls Don't Get Fat" and "Bully: An Action Plan for Teachers, Parents and Communities to Combat the Bullying Crisis" reminds parents that conversations are "not soliloquies." Listening (without distractions) to what your child has to say is at least as important as what you have to say. Annie and Robyn discuss how to talk to kids about anything. About Robyn Silverman (@DrRobyn) Dr. Robyn Silverman, AKA Dr. Robyn, is a leading Child and Adolescent Development Specialist with a focus on character education and body/self esteem development during childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood. As a strong believer that children are assets to be developed, not deficits to be managed, her work reflects a positive approach that shows that with the right tools, all young people have the ability to thrive and succeed. Her popular podcast "How to Talk To Kids About Anything" is a compassionate resource for parents. As a body image expert, Dr. Robyn’s groundbreaking research at Tufts University demonstrates that those girls who deviate from the Western ideal of thinness can find a way to thrive. Learn more at: http://DrRobynSilverman.com About Annie Fox, M.Ed. Annie is a parenting expert with 30+ years experience. She's been an online adviser to tweens, teens and parents since 1997. Her award-winning books include: "Teaching Kids to Be Good People", "The Girls Q&A Book on Friendship", and the groundbreaking Middle School Confidential™ book and app series. More information about Annie at: http://AnnieFox.com About Family Confidential Family Confidential: Secrets of Successful Parenting is a biweekly podcast about 21st century parenting joys and challenges. Hosted by Annie Fox and produced by Electric Eggplant, Family Confidential provides practical parenting advice through down-to-earth interviews with parenting experts, educators, therapists, and entrepreneurs. These recorded discussions help parents strengthen family connections by providing tips, child-rearing insight and practical tools for guiding your kids through the tween years and beyond. http://FamilyConfidential.com Copyright © 2009-2018 Annie Fox and Electric Eggplant. All Rights Reserved.