CHP003: Overview of the Career Change Process

The Career Hacking Podcast by show

Summary: <p></p> <div>Listen and subscribe on <a href="">iTunes</a> | <a href="">Stitcher</a> | <a href="">Google Play</a> | <a href="">PlayerFM</a>| <a href="">iHeart Radio</a> </div> <div></div> <div>Today we’ll talk through what the Career Change Process really looks like from start to finish. What does it actually take to go from where you are today to the career that you want to be in? WehnerEd is here for you to make this process simple.</div> <div></div> <div> <p>At a high-level for career change, you first need to understand what jobs are most in demand today and who's hiring for them. Look at those companies and reflect on which ones best align with both the value that you can bring to the marketplace but it also which companies are a great fit for you as well. Ultimately, you're making this change so that you can be happier, healthier and live a life that you can be proud of.</p> <p> </p> </div> <div>From a high level:</div> <div> <ol> <li>Understand Which jobs are in demand today and who’s hiring for them?</li> <li>Take time to Reflect and determine which industries or companies you would enjoy working for</li> <li>At the intersection of the jobs with lots of available positions and companies that are a good mutual fit, what skills do you need to make yourself a desirable candidate?</li> <li>…and which online course providers to take classes from to learn those skills.</li> <li>After completing your online curriculum, it’s crucial that you build on what you’ve learned and continue developing your portfolio of experience as these efforts will be your biggest advantage when competing against other candidates for your dream job</li> <li>Working with WehnerEd, you can compose and fine-tune versions of your resume and CV and prep for the interview so when the big day comes, you can knock it out of the park!</li> <li>After receiving an offer, negotiate and make sure the job they’re offering is right for you.</li> <li>Finally, understand how you can continue to learn and grow to ensure your new gig is a runway to years of fulfillment and success</li> </ol> </div>