Ep. 10: Brad Fiorenza

Challenge Mania show

Summary: <p>Derrick Kosinski &amp; Scott Yager are joined by Brad Fiorenza.</p><br> <p>For our 10th episode, we had to bring in a HEAVY HITTER! Just like our host Derrick Kosinski (@DerrickMTV), Brad Fiorenza (@BradFiorenza) is one of the most popular competitors in the history of The Challenge, and someone who took a lengthy break away from the show. Brad is BACK on #TheChallengeVendettas and was one of the stars of Tuesday's premiere episode, immediately cozying up with Britni Thornton (@BritniNicol) from Are You The One, someone Derrick knows pretty well also ;-) </p><br> <p>Brad joins Derrick &amp; Scott (@SHOTOFYAGER) to talk about his time away from the show, what it means to be back, his experience on Vendettas, how the game was changed, some of his famous eliminations on past seasons, Leroy, Bananas, his relationship with Britni and her past endeavors with Derrick and to take YOUR QUESTIONS!</p><br> <p>To be a part of the show and ask questions to future guests or to let the guys know who YOU want to hear on #ChallengeMania next, follow them on Twitter @DerrickMTV &amp; @SHOTOFYAGER and who knows, maybe you'll see your #ChallengeAccepted </p>