Ep. 29: Kam Williams

Challenge Mania show

Summary: <p>Derrick Kosinski &amp; Scott Yager are joined by Kam Williams.</p><br> <p>"Killa Kam" has made quite the splash on #TheChallenge scene, taking out not one, but TWO mercenaries in her first two eliminations. Ever. She joins Derrick (@DerrickMTV) and Scott (@SHOTOFYAGER) to talk about making the transition from #AreYouTheOne to #TheChallengeVendettas, clear up the confusion regarding her friendship with Leroy, reveal how she feels about Johnny Bananas, tell us about all of her nicknames, break down her fellow female competitors and anwer YOUR questions, all while ordering drive-thru on her way to the dentist! If that's not Rookie of the Year, we don't want to know who is! </p><br> <p>Our next episode is our 30th episode and our guest is ASHLEY MITCHELL! To let us know who you want to hear next, follow us on twitter and use the hashtag #ChallengeAccepted </p><br> <p>The <a href="http://www.ChallengeMania.Shop">www.ChallengeMania.Shop</a> is OPEN! and tickets to CHALLENGE MANIA LIVE in NYC on 6/2 are on sale at <a href="http://www.ChallengeMania.Live">www.ChallengeMania.Live</a> </p>