Podcast - UT President Greg Fenves on Stampede2 Supercomputer

TACC Podcasts show

Summary: On July 28, 2017 The Texas Advanced Computing Center of the University of Texas at Austin dedicated a new supercomputer called Stampede2. Funded by a 30 million dollar award to TACC from the National Science Foundation, Stampede2 is the most powerful supercomputer at any academic institution in the U.S. Stampede2 will be used during its four-year lifecycle for scientific research and serve as a strategic national resource to provide high-performance computing capabilities to the open science community. TACC Podcast host Jorge Salazar interviewed Greg Fenves, President of UT Austin, to discuss Stampede2 and the importance of supercomputers to the university. Greg Fenves: Stampede2 is a fabulous technology. But technology ultimately comes from people's ideas. And what we've been able to do at the University of Texas and with the Texas Advanced Computing Center is bring some of the smartest people to work with our partners, Dell and Intel, to create fabulous new technology that can then be deployed and is now being deployed to take an unprecedented look at these tough challenges that we face as a society.