Buildings vs. Earthquakes: High School Students Learn the Science

TACC Podcasts show

Summary: How do you make a building that can stand up to an earthquake? A summer camp at TACC smoothed the way for high school students to learn about the science behind building design for earthquakes. It's called Code @ TACC DesignSafe. The summer camp was funded by DesignSafe, a national program supported by the National Science Foundation. DesignSafe is a web-based research platform of the Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure Network that helps engineers build safer structures that can better withstand natural hazards such as earthquakes and windstorms. The Code @ TACC DesignSafe Camp students were given a project under budget to design their own custom building models outfitted with sensors that recorded their movement as they were shaken under laboratory conditions based on historical earthquake data. TACC Podcast host Jorge Salazar interviews Joon-Yee Chuah, Outreach Coordinator at the Texas Advanced Computing Center; Chunxiao Ge, a physics and biology teacher at the Colorado River Collegiate Academy of Bastrop ISD; and Patty Hill, an algebra teacher at Kealing Middle School at Austin ISD.