AAAS 2018 - AI And Water Management with Suzanne Pierce of TACC

TACC Podcasts show

Summary: Artificial intelligence - or AI - is helping people make better decisions about how to manage water resources. That’s because scientists are taking the best tools of advanced computing to help make science-based decisions about complex and pressing problems in how to manage Earth’s resources, including water. A science panel on AI and water management meets in Austin, Texas on February 17th at the 2018 meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Suzanne Pierce moderates and co-organized the panel. Pierce is a Research Scientist in Dynamic Decision Support Systems and part of the Data Management & Collections Group of the Texas Advanced Computing Center. Podcast host Jorge Salazar interviews Suzanne Pierce of TACC about the Intelligent Systems for Geosciences community, of which she is on the steering committee; her panel on AI and water management at the AAAS, and the work TACC is doing to support efforts to bridge advanced computing with Earth science.