Introducing the Strong and Beautiful Women Podcast

The Strong and Beautiful Women Podcast show

Summary: <p>It is finally here! I am so happy to finally put this podcast out into the world and I am here to talk to you guys briefly about this new venture. I’m explaining why I started this and some things you might hear while tuned in. New episodes will come out weekly on Thursdays, but make sure you subscribe here on the website or on iTunes so you don’t miss any!</p> <p>Our first guest on Thursday will be…… drumroll please…… HAYLEY WALDRON!! So make sure to check back on Thursday to hear her story, updates on her day to day life now, and a candid conversation about what it looks like to go through tough times. She is AWESOME, I can’t wait for you all to listen to her wisdom!</p> <p>I am looking forward to this community of women sharing stories and learning from each other. Remember you are strong, beautiful, and so much more!</p> <p> </p> <p>Thank you to Scott Holmes for letting us use his music!</p> <p>“Follow your dreams” by Scott Holmes</p> <p></p>