Best of Dropout Nation: A Call to Revolutionize American Public Education

The Dropout Nation Podcast show

Summary: On this rebroadcast of a <a href="">Dropout Nation Podcast</a> from 2012, RiShawn Biddle calls upon reformers to remember the need to build brighter futures for all kids – and take the time in the new year to advance systemic reform.<br> <a href="">Listen</a> to the Podcast at RiShawn Biddle Radio or <a href="">download</a> directly to your mobile or desktop device. Also, <a href="">subscribe </a>to the <a href="">Dropout Nation Podcast series</a>. You can also <a href="">embed</a> this podcast on your site. It is also available on <a href="">iTunes</a>, <a href="">Blubrry</a>, <a href=";isi=691797987&amp;ius=googleplaymusic&amp;;link=">Google Play</a>, <a href="">Stitcher</a>, and <a href="">PodBean</a>.<br> <a href=";isi=691797987&amp;ius=googleplaymusic&amp;;link=" rel="nofollow"></a><br>