E7s2 Ft. Kobotown Interview & Carnival Primer

CiTR -- Soca Storm show

Summary: CiTR Exclusive Interview with KOBOTOWN Kobo Town is a Canadian Caribbean music group, led by Trinidadian Canadian singer and songwriter Drew Gonsalves.[1] Based in Toronto, Ontario, the band blends calypso music with a diverse mix of Caribbean and other musical influences, including ska, reggae, dub, rapso, zouk and hip hop.[2] Also Top tracks for the road Carnival 2017 DJ SOCA Conductor delivers the latest SOCA Music tracks out of the Caribbean. This party music will make you jump out of your seat. This show is the first of its kind here on CiTR and is the perfect music to get you in the mood to go out partying! Its Saturday, watch out STORM COMING!!!! Papayo!! #SOCASTORM