Ep. 5: Hunter Barfield

Challenge Mania show

Summary: <p>Derrick Kosinski &amp; Scott Yager are joined by Hunter Barfield.</p><br> <p>Hunter Barfield (@HBarfield13) only has two Challenges under his belt, #Invasion and #Dirty30, but he had top finishes in both of them, and if it wasn't for a wrist injury, he might have even been in the #ChallengeXXX Finals. </p><br> <p>One of the most talked about and dangerous young competitors in the game stops by #ChallengeMania to tell us about his journey from start to finish, beginning with the story of how he came to be cast on Are You The One, what his thoughts on being a Challenge competitor were from the start, what it was like being on Invasion of the Champions and whether or not he was fooled by the twist, getting thrown into elimination BY Derrick and whether or not the wrist injury his suffered cost him the #Dirty30 title.</p><br> <p>Derrick (@DerrickMTV) asks Hunter about getting in the middle of his altercation with Nelson, what it was like being his roommate, and how he felt about him at the start of #Dirty30. Scott (@SHOTOFYAGER) relays some questions from Twitter including whether Hunter felt like Ashley was using him during their fling on Invasion, if he thinks his wrist injury cost him the #Dirty30 Finals, and what in the name of God he is doing to sport that physique. </p><br> <p>As always, Subscribe, rate and review the show and if you know a friend who loves The Challenge, CHALLENGE them to give #ChallengeMania a listen and try not to get hooked. Follow the guys on Twitter and let Derrick and Scott know who YOU want to hear on the show next and tell your favorites they need to hop into the hot seat! #ChallengeAccepted </p>