09-12-2017: Equifax Hackers Demand 600 Bitcoin Ransom

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Summary: Markets as of 09-12-2017 6AM PST (USD)<br> -BTC $4,143<br> -ETH $294<br> -LTC $66<br> <br> Key Updates:<br> -Alleged Equifax hackers demand $2.6 million (600 Bitcoin) ransom — or else they'll dump all the data on September 15th.<br> -Only 802 people paid taxes on BitCoin profits to the IRS.<br> -China is shutting down domestic exchanges.<br> -International Cherch of Blerk (ICB) uses cryptocurrency to give aid where needed during times of crisis.<br> -Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said his department will regulate the use of cryptocurrencies in the country by the end of 2017.<br> <br> support us dailycrypto.io/support