12-28-2017: Goldman Sachs Planning to Offer Digital Asset Trading

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Summary: Markets as of 12-28-2017 5PM PST (USD)<br> -BTC $14,664<br> -ETH $742<br> -LTC $250<br> <br> Key Updates:<br> -Goldman Sachs is planning to offer digital asset trading in the summer of 2018.<br> -Japanese company is launching a service that protects crypto holders if exchanges shut down.<br> -Sheila Bair, former chair of the U.S. FDIC, argued bitcoin shouldn't be banned.<br> -El-Erian speculates either institutional involvement is low or bitcoin is in a bubble.<br> -Venezuela’s first state-run cryptocurrency Petro will be backed by crude oil.<br> <br> Support us dailycrypto.io/support