Preaching Through Weakness

Monday Morning Preacher show

Summary: Some great preachers really know how to meddle. They get under my skin by subverting my comfortable ideas about "successful preaching." The 20th century preacher John Stott was definitely one of those subverters. Did you know that Stott seemed to have a favorite Bible passage for the craft of preaching? It was 1 Corinthians 2:1-5, the Apostle Paul's near-celebration of his weakness as a preacher. As Stott wryly noted, "Weakness would not be an accurate description of many evangelical preachers today. ... If Paul had enrolled as a student in one of our seminaries, we would have regarded him as exceedingly unpromising material." In our last episode of Season 1, we wrap up with some vintage Stott-ness on the theme of "Preaching Through Weakness." Listen to Uncle John: human weakness is a preacher's friend--assuming it throws us on the resources of the Holy Spirit.