WWE’s The Big Show

Challenge Mania show

Summary: <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> Paul Wight, AKA The Big Show is one of the most recognizable wrestlers of the last thirty years. His size alone makes him incapable of walking through an airport without turning heads. That same size made him a superstar, first in WCW as The Giant and then in WWF and WWE as The Big Show, where he still main events to this day. The Big Show has always had acting chops, as made clear by his brief appearance on SNL in the 90’s, his small roles in movies like McGruber, talk show appearances, and now as the lead bad guy in Vendetta. Show joins me to talk about making the transition to the big screen and his career in the WWE. There is some juicy stuff in here for the wrestling fans too as Show and I dive into his Battle Royal win at this year’s Wrestlemania and whether it was the right decision, as well as his memorable finish with Cesaro at Wrestlemania 30 in the same match. This is a very fun interview you do not want to miss. My BIGGEST guest of all time! Check out Vendetta ON DEMAND NOW! <br>