Trump Spx Smacks Down Corrupt, Treasonous, 5th Column Media

Informed America Radio show

Summary: For links to the stories discussed in this episode: Photo credit: The People's Cube ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In this episode: Answer to the Burning Question: Why does Hillary lie so much, even about things that don't matter? Even CNN panel can't figure out why Hillary lies about lying Donald Trump Surrogate Rudy Giuliani appears on ABC's "This Week with George Stephanapoulos" and mops the floor with fill-in host Martha Raddatz Corrupt Media Neglects to Tell You the Backstory About Their Latest Hillary Apologist, Michael Morrell Just How Bad Was Vote Fraud in Ohio in 2012? Could this sort of thing be what Donald Trump means when he says this year's election could be stolen? The only immigrant the democrats charge with violating our immigration laws is Melania Trump ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~