Hillary Says World Has "Right" to Immigrate to U.S.

Informed America Radio show

Summary: Links to stories discussed in this episode are here: http://wp.me/p2YmFi-4Gi THANKS SO MUCH FOR STARTING YOUR AMAZON SHOPPING AT http://www.teriobrien.com! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In this episode: *  Why in the world would the government give immunity to Cheryl Mills, the architect of Hillary's email coverup, especially since James Comey knows her history going back to the 90's? * Hillary spokes imbecile can't answer simple yes or no question, which provides the answer: Yes, she does support sanctuary cities. * Trump says "no one has right to immigrate to this country." Hillary replies "we disagree." * Retired ABC "journalist," and 1992 Presidential debate moderator explains that Lester Holt needs to bust Donald J. Trump on his lies, and also states that no one is interested in the many felonies that Hillary and her associates committed by mishandling classified information. * Debate questions for Hillary * Why in the world would the government give Cheryl Mills, who has a 20+ year record of obstructing justice and destroying evidence, immunity for her role in Hillary's email crimes? * A reminder about the reason for Obama's "remaking" America scheme, this time from a former aide of Mexican president Vicente Fox * Hillary wants to raise the estate tax for you, but not for her * Never Doubt Me: I told you in July why Hillary wouldn't be indicted for her email crimes (because Obama corresponded with her on her outlaw server)