Will Hillary Clinton Finally Be Held Accountable For Her Many Lies and Crimes?

Informed America Radio show

Summary: Links to the stories discussed on this episode of the program are here: http://wp.me/p2YmFi-4M0 In this episode: Why did James Comey send a letter to Congress on Friday suggesting that he may re-open the investigation into Hillary Clinton's violation of several federal statutes in her mishandling of classified information? How did Huma's email end up on her pervert husband's computer? I have a theory. Democrat Governor of Minnesota is forcing election officials to violate state law to make sure felons vote. They mad! Speaking of that non-existent vote fraud, dead vote in Chicago Remaking America File: a reminder of why the Silent Majority, who has been told for decades to submit and pay, to accept what the elites tell them, sit down, shut up and hand over the money to pay for plans they violently oppose, appears to finally be fed up