Desperate Democrats: Obama Encourages Illegals to Vote

Informed America Radio show

Summary: Links to the stories discussed in this episode are here: In this episode: Obama still disconnected from reality, and becoming more unhinged as he sees his precious "legacy" in danger Latest Polls, including Nate Silver's Five Thirty Eight New York Post reports: Hillary's maid, who shockingly did not have a security clearance, printed out classified information for her Hillary Lied to the FBI During Her July 4th Weekend Interview Disgraced IL governor Rod Blagojevich is doing 14 years for just talking about taking bribes. Hillary got rich taking them. WTF? Hillary Clinton, a sitting Secretary of State took $1m from foreign country that she admits funds ISIS The Clinton Foundation's $20 million off the books mystery and their violation of IRS rules Clinton Crony VA Governor Terry McAuliffe pardons 60,000 felons just in time for the election Obama encourages illegals to vote Did Hillary make a racist hot mic remark at her Friday night campaign event with Beyoncè Cher: I will leave the planet if Trump wins Black website writer wants Trump supporters to die "What should I ask Jeb?": More Wikileaks evidence of the Clinton campaign controlling the corrupt media How much will Hillary's amnesty plan cost you?