Mr. Trump, Time to Open a Can of Whup Ass on Illegal Criminals

Informed America Radio show

Summary: The recent election was a YUGE smackdown of Barack Obama and his leftist agenda. Is it possible that it won't matter? Yes, unless President Trump takes immediate action! * Message to Cast of Hamilton and All Other Whining Liberals * Mike Pence Reacts to Rude Broadway Brats * The Truth About Jeff Sessions * 2nd Amendment-Village of Oak Park Passes Semi-Literate “non-binding” referendum to repeal “[t]he second article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States." * Snatching Defeat from Jaws of Victory? Yes, if we don’t do something really obvious * Illinois One Step Away from Registering Non-citizens to Vote * “Hamilton” Electors Desperate Hail Mary to Undo Presidential Election-Even CNN anchor isn’t buying it * College course: Founders were “Terrorists” and Founding documents a “fabrication"