Ep. 114: Navigating Conflicting Information

Fed+Fit Podcast show

Summary: On today's episode, I'm talking with reverse interviewer Casie about how to navigate the sea of conflicting nutrition information currently available.<br> <br> <br> <br> We're back with our 114th episode of the Fed+Fit Podcast! Remember to check back every Monday for a new episode and be sure to subscribe on iTunes!<br> <br> Find us HERE on iTunes and be sure to "subscribe."<br> <br> <br> <br> <br> Episode 114 Sponsors<br> <br> Aaptiv - be sure to enter the promo code "FEDANDFIT" (one word, all caps) at checkout, and your first 30 days are on the house!<br> <br> Episode 114 Transcription<br> <br> Today’s show is brought to you by Aaptiv! Aaptiv is a fabulous app and robust online community that allows you access to top notch, motivating personal trainers who guide you through an audio-based workout that is timed to your choosing with fun, perfectly synchronized music. Like Netflix for fitness; Aaptiv gives members unlimited access to their entire bank of high-end, trainer-led workout classes. So if you’re looking for fresh, high quality, on the go, motivating workouts that adapt to your lifestyle, I highly recommend Aaptiv.<br> <br> In fact; if you head over to the curator playlists, you’ll see a familiar face! I chose 7 of my favorite Aaptiv workouts so that you can get a well-rounded mix of workouts that will take you from intense cardio to restorative serenity; and these are some of my favorite workouts to do when I’m traveling, or if I just have a spare 20 minutes between activities. And because they're the best, Aaptiv is even offering Fed and Fit listeners a free 30-day trial. When you sign up for a monthly subscription at www.Aaptiv.com; be sure to enter the promo code FEDANDFIT, one word, at checkout, and your first 30 days are on the house. <br> <br> Cassy Joy: Welcome back to another episode of the Fed and Fit podcast! My name is Cassy Joy Garcia, I am your host of the Fed and Fit podcast. I blog over at www.FedandFit.com, have a book, Fed and Fit. Man, it’s the same name everywhere. I feel so redundant when I say this {laughs}. Oh goodness. I'm a certified nutrition consultant that has a passion for, not only mindset coaching in general, but covering the full gamut of what it takes to really live a confident, healthy lifestyle. So, thank you so much for joining us today.<br> <br> I am joined by a new listener; well I don’t know actually if you're a new listener. You're new to the show! {laughs} <br> <br> Casie: Correct. <br> <br> Cassy Joy: Her name is Casie. And I mistakenly called her Cassy when we first got on the line, and I was so embarrassed, because you would think that a Cassy and a Casie are the ones that should probably be able to tell when to say the right name. So, Casie is joining us today for a reverse interview. And if you're a new listener here, a reverse interview, just to quickly give you a description, is when a Fed and Fit listener or reader writes in with a really excellent question. And so I, instead of answering their question via e-mail, I like to invite them to come onto the podcast, to ask their question over a recorded call. Because, I have a hunch that Casie's questions, and maybe the conversation we’re going to have, is a really relatable one that I think is going to resonate with a bunch of folks. So, she's coming on the show. She's going to be interviewing me, in some regard. And we’re going to have some good discussions.<br> <br> So to give you a little bit of background info on Casie. She lives in New Jersey. She’s a Jersey girl. She's a high school counselor, and she's getting married this coming October. Welcome to the show, Casie! <br> <br> Casie: Thank you for having me. I’m very excited.<br> <br> Cassy Joy: Oh good, I’m very excited to have you here, as well. That was just a very short introduction. But feel free to share a little bit more about yourself,