Ep. 120: Reverse Interview on Diabetes and Fat Intake

Fed+Fit Podcast show

Summary: On today's episode, I'm talking with Fed &amp; Fit listener Elaine as we chat about the different avenues to managing diabetes and ideal fat intake.<br> <br> <br> <br> We're back with our 120th episode of the Fed+Fit Podcast! Remember to check back every Monday for a new episode and be sure to subscribe on iTunes!<br> <br> Find us HERE on iTunes and be sure to "subscribe."<br> <br> <br> <br> <br> Episode 120 Sponsors<br> <br> Aaptiv - be sure to enter the promo code "FEDANDFIT" (one word, all caps) at checkout, and your first 30 days are on the house!<br> <br> Episode 120 Transcription<br> <br> Today’s show is brought to you by Aaptiv! Aaptiv is a fabulous app and robust online community that allows you access to top notch, motivating personal trainers who guide you through an audio-based workout that is timed to your choosing with fun, perfectly synchronized music. Like Netflix for fitness; Aaptiv gives members unlimited access to their entire bank of high-end, trainer-led workout classes. So if you’re looking for fresh, high quality, on the go, motivating workouts that adapt to your lifestyle, I highly recommend Aaptiv.<br> <br> In fact; if you head over to the curator playlists, you’ll see a familiar face! I chose 7 of my favorite Aaptiv workouts so that you can get a well-rounded mix of workouts that will take you from intense cardio to restorative serenity; and these are some of my favorite workouts to do when I’m traveling, or if I just have a spare 20 minutes between activities. And because they're the best, Aaptiv is even offering Fed and Fit listeners a free 30-day trial. When you sign up for a monthly subscription at www.Aaptiv.com; be sure to enter the promo code FEDANDFIT, one word, at checkout, and your first 30 days are on the house. <br> <br> Cassy Joy: Welcome back to another episode of the Fed and Fit podcast. I’m really excited about today. Bringing you a very special reverse interview. If you're brand new to the Fed and Fit podcast, and maybe this is your first episode you’ve ever listened to, you might be wondering what the heck is a reverse interview? {laughs} It’s a good question.<br> <br> So reverse interviews; and forgive me, long-time listeners because you’ve heard this a few times. But reverse interviews are when Fed and Fit listeners and readers write in with really good questions. And instead of keeping our dialogue in an email, and responding back and forth to each other, I invite these very gracious readers and listeners to come on my podcast so that they can ask me their questions. Essentially interview me for about 30 minutes. Ask me whatever they like. We have a nice discussion with the hopes that some of this dialogue can really help others out there. That maybe puzzling, or working around some similar concepts. <br> <br> So, today I’m very excited to invite Fed and Fit listener Elaine on the show today. She lives in Dallas, Texas. So she’s a fellow Texas girl with two teenage daughters up there in Dallas. And she works full time in finance. Thank you so much for coming on the show today, Elaine! <br> <br> Elaine: Well thank you! I’m so excited to get a chance to ask my question. Because I’ve learned a lot listening to your podcast over the last few years. So a little bit more about me; I went gluten free about 8 years ago, and I’ve been paleo for a little over 2. I did that because of health issues. I have Crohn’s disease, and some other autoimmune type stuff. And really have found tremendous help through what we eat. So at our house, we totally believe in the power of food to heal and how important it is for our health. <br> <br> So even with that, we may not always make the best choices. But we try. And now my husband has recently been diagnosed as diabetic. So we’re trying to modify the plate some to fit his needs, as well. And when I do the cooking, we eat most of our dinners at home.