The Basics of Sermon Delivery (Part 2)

Monday Morning Preacher show

Summary: In this episode, ummmmm, we take a look at, ummmmmm, three important parts of sermon delivery, ummmmm: Movement, Gestures, and, ummmmm, Filler Words. Okay, as you can see filler words can become a little annoying for our hearers. You were probably annoyed with only the four above. But it isn't only filler words that can cause our hearers to be distracted in our preaching. That is why we are also talking about some tips for using movement and gestures to further your delivery. Also, in case you missed it, you should check out Part 1 of this series, but after you finish up this episode. In Part 1 we discuss vocal variety and eye contact. We hope that these two episodes challenge you to take a look at your delivery. Find some ways to grow, learn, and maybe do some things that are a little uncomfortable for you, but it could lead to more natural and normal conversations.