Ep. 10 - A Conversation with McKay Moore Sohlberg - Cognitive Rehabilitation

ANCDS Podcasts show

Summary: McKay Moore Sohlberg is a Full Professor and Director of the Communication Disorders & Sciences Program at University of Oregon, and a Fellow of the American Speech Language and Hearing Association. Dr. Sohlberg has published numerous articles, chapters, and manuals on managing cognitive impairments following acquired brain injury and is co-author of two leading textbooks in the field. She has been funded on a number of federal projects supporting the development and evaluation of assistive technology to deliver cognitive rehabilitation, and to help individuals with cognitive impairment more fully integrate into their communities. EGAS evaluation The eGAS app is available as a beta app using Apple’s TestFlight service. We can add a bunch of email addresses to a 60 day test session, and then an invitation code will be sent to all the email addresses. Then, you just download the Apple TestFlight app, paste in the invitation code, and you’ll get the app for 60 days. After 60 days, if you want to keep trying it out, we can start a new test session. If people want to try it, they can send their email address to:mckay@uoregon.edu