Adam Hendrix of Union Chapel (S01 Ep05)

Church Music Matters Podcast show

Summary: <p>As church leaders and musicians, what we are doing is shaping and forming our people, so the shape of what we’re doing matters. Local church pastor Adam Hendrix is with us this week to talk about framing your gatherings around the story of Scripture.</p> <p><strong>RESOURCES:</strong><br> <a href="">Union Chapel</a><br> <a href="">You Are What You Love</a> by James K.A. Smith<br> <a href="">Desiring the Kingdom</a> by James K.A. Smith<br> <a href="">Rhythms of Grace </a>by Mike Cosper</p> <div><strong>CONTACT US:</strong></div> <div> <a href=""></a> &amp; <a href=""></a> </div>