36 – Longest War l Devil Brigade in Afghanistan, 2017

All American Legacy | The History of the 82nd Airborne Division show

Summary: <p>Less than one month ago, President Trump announced that America will “fight to win” in Afghanistan with a revised approach that includes a larger military presence and an emphasis on counterterrorism over nation building.  Central to this new strategy is the 82nd Airborne Division.</p><br> <p>Over this past week, the remainder of our 1st Brigade – the legendary “Devils in Baggy Pants” of World War II – departed Fort Bragg to join their fellow Paratroopers already engaged in combat in Afghanistan.  On episode 35 of the All American Legacy Podcast, we allow the Paratroopers in Afghanistan and there t to tell their stories.</p><br> <p>Our Devil Brigade Paratroopers are adding to the legacy of America’s Guard of Honor and this episode documents this critical moment in America’s longest war.</p><br> <p>In this episode you will also hear the story of two of our Fallen, Specialist Christopher Harris and Sergeant Jonathon Hunter, killed in a suicide bombing on August 2nd, from a Paratrooper who survived the attack.</p><br> <p>The All American Legacy podcast is the story of the 82nd Airborne Division, America’s Guard of Honor.  Please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and leave a rating and a review, as these help others find the program.</p><br> <p> </p>