A Night At A Swingers Club

Sex and Life show

Summary: Discover what it's like to be a first timer at a sex on premises venue. Join Dr.Nikki as she takes us inside a Swingers club on 'Newbies' night. What are the rules? Do you wear clothes or do you have to be naked? Do you have to bring your partner or can you go alone? And find out how the conversation moves from "Hi how are you?" to "Would you like to sleep with us?". Dr. Nikki explores the positives and the pitfalls of opening up your sexual relationship to strangers. Find Dr. Nikki at: http://drnikki.com.au/ Follow Sex and Life on Facebook://www.facebook.com/sexandlifep1 Follow Sex and Life on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sexandlifep1/ Follow Sex and Life on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sexandlifep1