The Sweet Potato Diet

Talk Healthy Today show

Summary: Learn how you can simplify carb-cycling and utilize it to lose fat, gain energy, and have better health markers across the board.When you hear the words "carb-cycling" you may think it's only for serious athletes and bodybuilders and far too complicated for the average person wanting to lose weight. Guess again. In his new book, The Sweet Potato Diet, popular fitness guru Michael Morelli removes all of the guesswork and takes away the fear from traditional carb-cycling by simplifying it down into a step-by-step eating schedule where you'll never have to weigh your food, and there's absolutely no calorie counting ever. Not only will following this program have an incredible impact on your fat loss, but you will notice increases in energy, better health markers across the board, and a body you can be confident in again no matter how old or young you are. Listen as Michael joins host Lisa Davis to share insights from the book, including: Methods for carb-cycling, essential nutrition, and an accessible two-phase approach for optimal results. Strategies to track your results and adopt the lifestyle of permanent fat loss. Meal plans, approved foods, and a grocery guide. Easy exercises to structure workouts around your super carb-cycle. Buy on Amazon The Sweet Potato Diet: The Super Carb-Cycling Program to Lose Up to 12 Pounds in 2 Weeks