Performing Nude

Naturist Living Show show

Summary: Play now The PyroFlys fire performers who prefer to do their routines nude and Tohm Lev who not only sings about legalizing nudity but performed nude in her music video. Links to items mentionned in the show: Places to review, recommend or provide feedback about the Naturist Living Show and Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park: iTunes, Google Plus, Facebook, Trip Advisor, Foursquare, YelpSteve's blogThe PyroFlys Fire PerformersTohm Lev websiteLegalize Nudity music video (you need to be logged onto YouTube to see it because it is "age restricted". Lyrics to Legalize Nudity By Tohm Lev Mother nature, doesn't like clothes but society likes to impose They want some curtains on all yr windows I want the freedom to over expose! Some narrowminded people like to be prudes But nudity is natural --  it's not lewd! LEEEEEEGALIZE NUDITY Set your body free LEEEEEEEGALIZE NUDITY Break the chains of slavery (In the name of liberty ) I'm here to tell u, there is no shame Beware of anyone who tries to place blame Nudity is not a sin as some people claim This prude attitude is, totally lame! If God didn't want us to be nude Why were we born in our birthday suit? LEEEEGALIZE NUDITY Set your body free LEEEGALIZE NUDITY In this land of liberty. (In the name of liberty ) Episode XLVI