Trauma, Change, and Hope in Child Welfare

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Summary: Listen to this sample of Dr. Charles Stikes talking about "Trauma, Change, and Hope in Child Welfare" originally recorded on October 25, 2012. Twenty minute audio samples of NACSW podcasts are available to anyone while the full length podcast is available only to members. Podcast Summary: This presentation is about the impact of personal, social, and natural disasters, as traumas; the impact on the entire aspect of the lives of people, and what can be done to ameliorate the disastrous consequences. It includes what needs to be done to deal with neglect and abuse as trauma, as well as the consequences of social and natural disasters that child care workers have to deal with as they deal with families as victims. The full audio was originally published as the March, 2014 Podcast of the Month. Join NACSW today to gain access to this and other great resources.