Delicious Coconut Oil Recipes

Talk Healthy Today show

Summary: Discover some amazing recipes containing coconut oil, from Perfect Cassava Fries to Easy Truffle Lobster Mac & Cheese.Coconut oil has incredible internal and external benefits.  Abel Gonzales, Co-Founder of Solococo, joins host Lisa Davis to discuss the various health boosts coconut oil can provide. Abel also shares more information about the Solococo company, including its Fair Trade standards and the mission to hire single moms. Links to some of Abel's favorite recipes: Solococo Peanut Bites Chef Pandita’s Choco-Coco Zucchini Loaf Chocolate Covered Strawberries Perfect Cassava Fries: A Magical Side Dish Dan’s Post-Workout Smoothie Dan’s Easy Truffles Lobster Mac & Cheese