Ramadan With The Quran - Day 23

Nouman Ali Khan show

Summary: Surah Al-Bayyinah<br> <br> In this talk Ustadh Nouman focuses on the first two ayat of Surah Al-Bayyinah, which he says have been the subject of many different interpretations. Here, he delves into the meanings of two key words: "munfakkeen", which denotes "getting separated", and "al-bayyinah" (The Quran) which means "that which provides clear evidence." In his interpretation, Ustadh concludes that these ayat refer to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself, and how his credibility in his community and his honesty, combined with the delivery of this purified scripture, transformed Mecca (and the world) separating those who are truly and genuinely faithful, from those who disbelieve. This separation took place in this world and will continue in the afterlife.<br> <br> 2017-06-19 - Ramadan 2017