Episode 46: How To Fix Low Blood Pressure On A Paleo Diet

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Summary: Thanks for joining us for episode 46 of The Ancestral RD podcast. If you want to keep up with our podcasts, subscribe in iTunes and never miss an episode! Remember, please send us your question if you'd like us to answer it on the show! Today we're answering the following questions from listeners: Hi Laura and Kelsey, love the podcasts!  I was wondering what your approach is to helping people with low blood pressure with very poor circulation? I've had both these problems for years and am now becoming aware that it may be affecting my brain function and concentration. I am aware about adequately salting my food but don't want to overdo it either. I haven't tested my adrenal function but I think my cortisol is more likely on the high side than the low side as I don't generally feel tired, more 'over-wired' and unable to calm down, and I easily get stressed out. Because of the potential high cortisol, I don't want to use licorice, which I know can be helpful for low blood pressure. I've tried ginkgo for 3 months + but it hasn't helped my circulation. Thank you!   What can someone do for low blood pressure? My friend struggles with this, especially in summer and tries to stay hydrated and use salt to keep it at bay. Even though she generally eats healthily, when it gets very low the only thing she can do to bring herself out of it is to drink a coke and eat salted peanuts; much to her chagrin. Is there something else she could do to avoid this?  We all know high blood pressure is a major health threat. But low blood pressure can seriously affect your quality of life as well.  You may think a super healthy lifestyle can't possibly be a factor. After all, exercising hard and sticking to a strict diet promotes good health. Right? Surprisingly, that may be part of the problem! Don’t miss this episode where we discuss underlying causes and share techniques to get symptoms of low blood pressure and poor circulation under control! Here's what Laura and Kelsey will be discussing in this episode: While not as common as high blood pressure, how low blood pressure can be debilitating Symptoms of low blood pressure Importance of examining and modifying lifestyle factors Why adrenal or HPA axis function dysregulation is a key part of the puzzle How certain symptoms are misunderstood as being due to high cortisol Techniques to deal with symptoms of low blood pressure and poor circulation How an intense exercise program may be part of the cause Suggestions of how to safely incorporate cardio and strength training How massage and acupuncture are ways to increase circulation and improve blood pressure The importance of dietary salt How a strict Palo diet can cause a cascading effect leading to low blood pressure The connection between thyroid health and low blood pressure How a program like Paleo Rehab: Adrenal Fatigue program can help uncover underlying causes Links Discussed: Chris Kresser's Overcoming Fatigue Webinar Replay Kelsey's article on Low Blood Pressure including her homemade gatorade recipe Video about overweight man who rescued a dog WildFoods.co - Use the code WILDRD for a free gift! TRANSCRIPT Kelsey: Hi everyone.  Welcome to episode 46 of the Ancestral RDs.  I'm Kelsey Marksteiner, and with me as always is Laura Schoenfeld. Laura: Hello everybody. Kelsey: How you doing today, Laura? Laura:  Oh not bad. Just super stoked that I think summer is officially on us in North Carolina. We’re having highs in the seventies and even up to eighty this week. Kelsey: Wow. Laura: Just skipped spring, no problem. Kelsey: Eighties, that’s crazy. Laura: Yeah, it's a little it's a little crazy. I don't really know what's going to happen, but we'll see. I can't complain though because I'd rather have eighty than twenty or something, but it's just weird. It's weird being from the northeast and thinking like February and March are still winter.