Episode 100: 100th Episode Celebration

The Ancestral RDs Podcast show

Summary: Thanks for joining us for episode 100 of The Ancestral RDs podcast. If you want to keep up with our podcasts, subscribe in iTunes and never miss an episode! Remember, please send us your question if you'd like us to answer it on the show. It’s the 100th episode of the Ancestral RDs podcast! Today we have a special show in honor of our 100th. We’re very happy to celebrate with you by sharing stories of how our podcast and businesses have evolved since the first episode. Join us for a laid back show where you can get to know more about us and our experiences.  As we recount the trials and triumphs during the last 100 episodes, you'll hear what we've learned and how it has impacted us professionally and personally. We're thrilled to have you with us as we journey to the 200th! Here's what Laura and Kelsey will be discussing in this episode: How Laura and Kelsey's perception of criticism and how they react to it has changed The importance of the practitioner/client relationship in the experience and outcome for both Experiences that helped to inform which client population Laura and Kelsey choose to serve How learning to set boundaries in business has carried over into personal life How running a business has been the best lesson in personal development The pressure in the health field to live up to images of perfection Balancing the professional and personal side of the blogs Experience with sharing personal stories and struggles Links Discussed: This episode is sponsored by Maty's Healthy Products TRANSCRIPT:  Laura: Hi everyone! Welcome to episode 100 of The Ancestral RDs podcast. I’m Laura Schoenfeld and with me as always is my cohost Kelsey Kinney. Kelsey: Hey everyone! Laura: If you don’t know us, we’re Registered Dietitians with a passion for ancestral health, real food nutrition, and sharing evidence-based guidance that combines science with common sense. You can find me, Laura, at www.LauraSchoenfeldRD.com and Kelsey at www.KelseyKinney.com. This is a special episode in honor of our 100th show. We’ll be sharing how our nutrition philosophy, businesses, and even our podcast have changed since we first started in 2013. We are so thrilled that you have been enjoying our show for 100 episodes and we can’t wait to share many, many more with you! Kelsey: If you’re enjoying the show, subscribe on iTunes so that you never miss an episode. While you’re there, leave us a positive review so that others can discover the show as well! And remember, we want to answer your question, so head over to TheAncestralRDs.com to submit a health-related question that we can answer on an upcoming show. Laura: Before we get into our interview, here’s a quick word from our sponsor: Today’s podcast is sponsored by Maty’s Healthy Products. Maty’s started simply as a mom determined to help her daughter heal and turned into an amazing company that makes all natural and organic cough syrups, vapor rubs, and now even an Acid Indigestion Relief product. Maty’s All Natural Acid Indigestion Relief works quickly to relieve heartburn and indigestion while promoting healthy stomach acid levels. It aids digestion and promotes your body’s natural healing abilities. Made with whole food ingredients you know and recognize like apple cider vinegar, ginger, honey, and turmeric, Maty’s All Natural Acid Indigestion Relief is safe and drug free. Maty’s natural and organic remedies have powerful healing properties to support your body and improve your health. Try them today by visiting Maty’sHealthyProducts.com. You can also find Maty’s at Walmart, CVS, Target, Rite Aid, and a grocery near you. Laura:We’re back everybody and this is going to be a show that if you’re listening to get nutrition information, you should probably turn it off because we’re not going to be doing any sort of nutrition Q&As or anything today. This is really going to be more of a where are we now kind of episode.