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Summary: Learn how a raw-food diet can help you feel better, both inside and out.Markus Rothkranz never smoked a cigarette in his life, drank a drop of alcohol or did any drugs other than what the doctors prescribed for him. Yet, by the time he was in his late 20s, his heart was collapsing, he needed thick eyeglasses, his lungs were filled with fluid and his digestive system was bleeding. Little did he know it was all because of what he was eating: the standard modern diet (SAD). Now, at age 55, Markus says he looks and feels younger than when he was 30. Markus and Cara Brotman (who has also been eating a raw-food diet for over a decade), join host Lisa Davis to share information from their newest book, Love on a Plate: The Gourmet Uncookbook, as well as some raw-food tips and tricks. Buy on Amazon Love on a Plate: The Gourmet Uncookbook