THoC Episode #86

The House of Cuckoos Radio Show! show

Summary: A Cuckoo Mardi Gras & the beads are ALWAYS being given! The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #86 ! A lively show of lively banter to a lively audience of lively Cuckoo credence! A colossal construction of banter battle that costs the listener nothing but their time to be taken by the Cuckoo engagement of modern antiquity! SAY WHAT????! Ok, then! We rave on about Zelda, talking car alarms, Cuckoo meditation, public Joker laffing, & we sing a song about eating soup with a hollow bone in your mouth! Plus ghost talk & Star Wars banter! A sensational satire of satiating round-table talk from square men of  geek-ish nature! Are you daring to listen? Of course you are! The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #86 ! We're the saints who go marching in to madness! WOOOOO!!! .