Bad boys: Tattoos and soldiers. 14 Feb 2017

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Summary: <p><audio> </audio> </p><p>It's a bad boy special. We discover if a spell at an army training camp can change the type of woman a man finds most attractive. We also find out what tattoos say about a man's health, masculinity, and perceived parenting ability.</p><p><a href="">Download the MP3</a> </p><p><b>Support me!</b><br> <a href="">Support the podcast on Patreon</a> for as little as $1 and get access to the patron-only feed, including bonus podcasts and blogs not available elsewhere.</p><p><b>Rate me!</b><br> Rate, review, or listen <a href="">in iTunes</a> or <a href=";refid=stpr">in Stitcher.</a> </p><p><b>Read the transcript!</b><br> <a href="">Do Tattoos Make a Man Appear Healthier and More Attractive?</a><br> <a href="">Army Training Skews Face Preferences</a><br> </p><p><img src=""></p><p><i>Can army training affect what kind of women men are attracted to? And do tattoos make a man seem healthier and hotter? <a href="">Defence Images/Flickr</a></i></p><p><b>The articles covered in the show:</b> </p><p>Batres, C., &amp; Perrett, D. I. (2016). How the harsh environment of an army training camp changes human (Homo sapiens) facial preferences. Ethology. <a href="">Read summary</a><br> </p><p>Galbarczyk, A., &amp; Ziomkiewicz, A. (2017). Tattooed men: Healthy bad boys and good-looking competitors. Personality and Individual Differences, 106. <a href="">Read summary</a><br> </p>