(23) : Puttering Around in 2006 show

Summary: Puttering Around in 2006 Back online... Are we recording yet? Howard Stern Sirius Satellite Radio Viewer Discretion is Advised. Podcast has not Podfaded Mail - No Mail iPod will now just be called ' iPo ' Macworld - Wish we were there. Puttering around : To occupy oneself in an aimless or ineffective manner. New Hardware for the Mayor - iMac 20" + 1GB RAM More Puttering Death of the Pismo - Powerbook 12" Q54C The Pismo will live again. Back to MacWorld - iBook 13.1, iLife '06, iWork'06 Front Row for the rest of us...... screw the rest of you. And more dumb predictions. Nocturnal Mayor on holidays watching infomercials Heart gave up TV - see attached image... Season 4 of 24 - DVD and digital video, a new way to watch TV A email/phone call from CBC Venture scrapbooking Go vote right now for Podcast at Yes, right now, do it, stop reading and vote already! Subscribe to Podcast via iTunes 6.0