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Summary: Angela Nagel has written a piece for <a href="http://c-realm.com/?feed-stats-url=aHR0cDovL3RoZWJhZmZsZXIuY29tL3NhbHZvcy9uZXctbWFuLTRjaGFuLW5hZ2xl&amp;feed-stats-url-post-id=12066" target="_blank">The Baffler called The New Man of 4chan</a> in which she talks about "chan culture" and the failure of mainstream liberalism and mainstream journalism to devote enough time and attention to it to get past the facile stereotypes that have passed for reporting on this aspect of digital culture. She joins KMO and Silas for a discussion of safe spaces, beta males, the Red Pill, and the Alt-light, as embodied by Milo Yiannopoulos.  She describes her disappointment with the intellectual laziness of contemporary American feminists.<br> <br> <br>