48: Puppies and Massages

Bliss Bringers - Sex, Swinging & Kink Podcast show

Summary: Exploring polyamory, BDSM and kink in the swinging lifestyle.<br> We catch up with Mr. and Misses Puppy (see <a href="http://blissbringers.com/45-santacon/">previous episodes</a> for background).  The first interview is right after a hotel playdate with Mr, Misses Puppy, and L  a.k.a. "Mr. Puppy's new toy".<br> In second part,  debrief with "Nightowl", the poor massage therapist (and general fun kinky guy) that SinD corrupted.<br> We go over the difference between the different lifestyles: swinging versus polyamory, BDSM communication styles versus those used in the swinging lifestyle.   Jon explains and demos some of his secret techniques on air on Misses Puppy.<br> Yes, there was wine consumed during the taping.